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Specialists in SEO, Web Design, and Content that Converts for our Clients

Struggling to gain traction when it comes to online leads and clients? Watching your top competitors leverage their website to bring them most of their leads? It isn't all bad news... with a little work and digging, we can find out what exactly they are doing and then adapt and personalize that strategy to your business.

At Blue Ridge Digital Marketing, we're in the business of teaching our clients the most effective and safest method to provide long term success and business growth.

Long term success? That sounds expensive and timely when you just want changes now.. And we understand that as a small business. That's why our partnerships are structured in result driven contracts that allow you to maintain minimal costs while receiving maximum service until your business starts achieving results.

You bring your business data and culture. We bring growth and traffic. Together, we generate profits for your company.

Specialists in Web Design, SEO, and Inbound Marketing

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The goal of SEO is to provide google and other search engines with a cleaner and more authoritative website to increase your visibility online through search rankings driving leads and traffic to your business.

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Web Design

Your business website is one of the most crucial components of gaining trust and making a great first impression on your potential customers and clients. Google is starting to put more emphasis on providing customers with a clean, fast and responsive site. 

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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a strategy of multiple components like content marketing, seo, analytics and more that bring clients to you actively without having to search for them yourself. 

But how do we use these tactics and turn them into a profitable strategy? Great question...

How We Use Digital and Inbound Marketing to Drive Leads

Our strategy for digital marketing is simple. Technology can change fast and if you put all your eggs in one basket, it can end very fast and ugly. That's why we believe in using our 3 core pillars to not only drive the most visitors but also ensuring we are converting a optimal percentage of those visitors.

The 3 stages are - Traffic. Retarget. Close.

  • Traffic

    Generate traffic to your site through things like google ads, content marketing, SEO optimizing, and social media. It takes time to build steady and organic traffic through SEO, so the google ads and social media can sometimes provide more instant results in certain campaigns. We build our strategies to find our clients needs. 

  • Retarget

    Start re-targeting by using platforms like facebook ads, google ads, and e-mails to deepen the relationship with potential leads that have already shown interest in your company. Provide them with valuable information or a free service to show credibility and knowledge. 

  • Close

    After retargeting, we reach out to your customers again. Now that rapport has been established, your brand is now seen to be more credible and trustworthy. Combine this feeling with a great offer or discount, and you will see a much higher percentage of conversions that will drive qualified leads. 



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