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Content Marketing for Construction Companies

Content marketing has been around since the start of the digital marketing industry, but has recently picked up buzz as it's own section of digital marketing. There are currently thousands of sites to help with your content marketing efforts, but very little sites are designed to help construction companies.

To start, what is content marketing?

Content marketing involves creating pieces of media through blog, visual or other mediums that are resources for your customers. Doing this correctly, you will solve the issues that your audience is having to deal with on a day to day basis. When you display this knowledge, clients seek it out and view you as a established authority figure in your businesses field. Using this leverage, clients will want to work with you from the start and may not even consider other options as it seems your knowledge is so much more accessible than your competition. The knowledge you display on your site through content marketing confirms to clients that you are a more qualified team before even stepping foot into your office or reaching out through your website.

So why doesn't every company do content marketing?

Content marketing is more of a lifestyle and long term idea than a one off task. Content marketing requires commitment and creativity to produce blog posts, videos, or info-graphics that solve and provide value to your customers. Your clients are always changing though and based on your industry, your audience may have preferred ways to view their content.

Like many business owners, life seems all too busy. Between finances, operations, and networking, when is there any time to learn this very niche strategy called content marketing. If you're reading this right now, you're doing the same thing in looking to be educated on a subject that you feel less experienced about. The question is, can you put yourselves in your clients shoes and understand how to implement and educate them on the issues that your company can solve for them?

Where can my construction company start?

Just like any other long term commitment, starting slow and steady will result in the most consistent results for most companies. The most versatile and reliable form of content marketing is the one you're using right now. Blogs. These written articles provide knowledge while also benefiting your audience AND search engines. And although we should be writing this content for humans who are going to consume our content, improving your search engine rankings through blogs over time will end up paying for itself. With investments of time and planning up front, once you start producing content and have a library of articles for your audience you will soon find pieces that are attracting google searchers everyday.

Other than blogs, creativity is your only guideline to creating for your audience. At Blue Ridge Digital, one of our main clients is a general contractor and some of our most successful work has come from a interactive photo gallery that we've created from his previous work. When searching for a home builder or remodeling many clients have a particular style in mind and we've found that displaying these styles and themes from our previous work resonates well with our potential audiences.

No matter what type of content you decide to create remember that content marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. This short list can get you started from a monthly point of view for most construction businesses:

  1. Use answerthepublic, ubersuggest or other keyword research tools to research questions, keywords or ideas you think your audience would find interesting.
  2. Use this topic and plan what content you can use to educate your audience best on this topic.
  3. Create your content! (Remember, keep it simple at the start. Start with blog posts and work in more ideas later on)
  4. Publish your content on your website, send your content to your customers emails (if you have a email list) and post it on your socials.

There are plenty of more advanced strategies that we use to drive traffic and views to our content. That being said, most local businesses just starting their content marketing journey can see significant improvement from just these few steps.

If you have any questions regarding content marketing or wanted to chat about some more advanced strategies that your business can implement, please feel free to reach out.


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