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Infographics are undervalued in the world of digital marketing and content creation. They are used for multiple purposes but primarily are designed to help the reader comprehend data or messages in a more simplistic or visual way. While images have been used in articles for a long time, infographics contain a more comprehensive view of the topic and tell how the whole story fits together.


Infographic Sites

With the rise of content creation, inforgraphics are becoming a more popular and expressive form of imagery and can provide short snapshots of content while also providing the stats and details that wow. Just like blog posts though, inforgraphics need to be published and pushed out to reach the widest possible audience.

Try out these sites for spreading your infographics: allows you to create, submit, analyze, and sell off infographics or other marketing pieces. It also offers analytical tools to measure the reach of your piece.

Price: Free

How To Submit: Just visit site, create account and submit your infographic.

This site brings you infographics from various topics and has them separated into categories. Each category will have the latest submissions displayed at the top of the listing. At the time of writing, is one of the most active sites and receives a couple hundred submissions per month.

Price: Free - Paid Options for Faster Publication

How-to: Sign up, submit graphic and wait for approval.




Daily Infographic

This site gets their name because they publish a new infographic everyday. While still an emerging site, the views received from each infographic published are in the thousands and worth using to increase your infographics visibility.






Infographics Archive

Looking for more of a premium infographic submission site? Infographics archive displays only the most creative infographics. There's a lot of possible options here for the submission of your work, so if you want options this may be the best site choice for you.

Price: As seen in the header, there is a price for submission on this directory but with how high quality this site is, it might be worth it if you have a infographic you really believe in!



Infographics Showcase

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