On Demand Digital Marketing Services

Providing convenience and results, on demand digital services are excellent for business owners looking to get value out of their website and digital presence.

What is On Demand Digital Marketing Services?

Google uses complex algorithms to determine how sites rank on their search engine. These algorithms are unknown currently and update and change on a frequent basis. Over time, many digital marketers have gleamed certain pieces of the pie that unlock being successful in the online world. One of the most important pieces over the history of google, has been something called backlinks. These links spread all across the internet and provide google with a way of tracking who is repuatable and who isn't. Think about how you can find news so fast online... When millions of people are linking to a breaking story, google can read those links and determine what people want to see off of that data.

So how does this impact our service? We provide links to your site with a minimilistic approach. These sites are trusted and nationwide verified sites that will link you into their content. From blog posts to home pages, these sites will be embedding you as the trusted source of information for industries that you work in. When google discovers these high ranking websites linking to you, they associate your site determining that quality links to other quality. This service is easy to invest as the prices are lower than a full spectrum marketing package, but it provides meat to your website which is what most small businesses need the most.

Essentially, all we need from you is the name of your website. 

The Scoop on Our Services

No. This isn't a one time fix if you are constantly struggling to find leads. Before we start each order, we will be verifying the integrity of your site and warn you of any pitfalls from your end that may hamper the success of your business. That being said, if you're one of the many businesses on the first or second page of google and struggling to gather leads or sales even though you've put effort in your site, this service will help you move towards your goals.

The Process

All in all, our on demand services are meant to be simple. We created these services for small businesses that don't have the resources to employ a full marketing team and also wants to optimize their time while expanding and growing their business.

  • Submit Your Info

    All we need from most clients is your URL and what keywords your businesses would like to target. If you aren't sure which keywords your business should be aiming for or targeting, we can also provide those services for you. 

  • Connecting You With Others

    This first step is ensuring the quality and selection of sites that are relevant to your industry and services. Google understands when links should and should not be there. Therefor, it takes time and resources to find the correct sites for your business but it results in greater gains. 

  • Results

    After finding relevant partner sites, you are connected over a month period in which your partner sites and connecting and bringing you into their content and pages. Ranking reports will be provided at the end of the month to ensure and show success in the campaign. 


Blue Ridge Digital Marketing has been instrumental in growing my businesses digital presence and customer visibility both online and in the community.  Since Lee began work with my firm, he has been in constant communication with me helping to develop a customized plan for my needs and creating a shared vision for our future.  Lee is an extremely talented and driven individual and an invaluable asset to any team.  I would greatly recommend him to anyone looking to expand their digital presence and bring their business into new age digital standards.

Nick Scroggs

Earth Package

$300 / One Time
  • Includes 20+ Connections to Industry Leaders

Jupiter Package

$600 / One Time
  • Includes 60+ Connections to Industry Leaders

Black Hole Package

$1000 / One Time
  • Includes 120+ Connections to Industry Leaders

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