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Blue Ridge Digital Marketing provides internet marketing services for small, local and medium sized businesses near and around Asheville, NC. We provide results through a foundation of SEO, Ads, and other proven techniques in order to increase the amount of traffic, leads and sales you are receiving. The most important aspect of our business is the relationships we make with clients that provides financial success to your company and ours.

Services That We Offer

Web Design is the representation of your business, much like a retail storefront and sales floor. Without solid web design or a direction for your website, your potential customers or clients may have a hard time understanding the quality of services or products you offer.

Websites don't have to be over the top, but websites that provide a pleasing user and visual experience are always going to feel more trustworthy with possible consumers than a website that looks like it time traveled from the 90's.

Just think about the difference between 2 similar stores like bestbuy and officemax. They both offer some similar items, but the majority of stores are laid out and look completely different from the storefront to the colors and way they're set up inside. You want to make your experience inside your website enjoyable.

Our specialists understand how to achieve these results and have experience creating websites on all types of platforms like WordPress, squarespace, and wix, just to name a few.

More importantly, we understand the necessary equipment and platforms needed for today's consumer that allows for viewing on multiple devices like smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Search engine optimization is one of the best choices for creating a great digital marketing foundation. SEO provides excellent return on investments due to the longevity of your campaign and content.

The overall goal of SEO is to create a website that provides information and answers that help customers looking for your service or product. Using things like content creation (blogging), technical SEO, and back-link outreach we can signal to google that our business is determined to provide the internet with relevant information.

This updating and providing of information allows google to determine where you rank for certain keywords.

The beauty of SEO is when you reach those top rankings, its usually easier to stay there.

This means all of the potential customers at the top of google are providing you with leads that you aren't even directly paying for or actively reaching out for. Leads on demand? It's tough to get there, but it's a beautiful place to be at with your business.

PPC or Advertising? The rise of paid advertisements is here. Social media has allowed every size of business to connect with just about any group of individuals through things like facebook ads, linkedin ads, and more.

Just about every social media platform has a advertising platform built into it. Along with social, google sells out their top few spots on search results to generate income.

So what's the difference between PPC and other display advertising? Your targets and goals. Google ads provides a great platform to reach customers that are qualified leads and gives you the opportunity to temporarily "rank" for keywords that may take some time to reach using SEO.

On the other hand, using facebook ads to target customers that have reached your contact page but haven't converted can provide a large increase in conversions with very little work.

Why We Stand Out

While we won't guarantee results because truly, its very difficult to promise rankings although our track record always shows improvement. But there are a few reasons we specialize in results for small, local and medium sized businesses.

Proven Results

Our goal with the majority of our clients is generating return on investments and we have a track record to prove this. Check out some of our case studies to learn how we generate an average 250% ROI.


Our goal with the majority of our clients is generating return on investments and we have a track record to prove this. Check out some of our case studies to learn how we generate an average 250% ROI.

Lead Tracking

The majority of small, local, and medium sized businesses that use digital marketing are growing yet most businesses are not tracking anything related to growth or money online. Google analytics is one of the most robust tools for any digital marketing agency. GA can provide clear and concise tracking of all your traffic including discovering what sources are providing the most benefits to your company. Assign a tracking code across your site and you can determine the first point of contact for your sales and leads and determine what strategy works best for your business. All businesses are different.

Start Slow Pricing

Working with small, local and medium sized businesses has shown us that not everyone can afford to pursue a high priced marketing container out of the gates. That's why we specialize in creating strategies using minimal costs and overhead. Our prices start slow contracts provide capped limits to begin your growth and expansion as a company through natural routes like web design and seo. Once we achieve consistent traffic, we work to convert the traffic into leads that makes money for you to expand your digital marketing efforts and grow efficiently.

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